Dating experiences

I wasn’t allowed to date til I was 16 via ultra religious mom, I’ve only dated 5 women, been with a lot more than that romantically, I’ve learned the hard way bcuz I don’t like taking advice, what type of girls not to date, I was in a physically abusive relationship with a druggy alky girl who used to butt dial me when she was bangin other dudes and I stayed with her for a few months. Sometimes I think if I had been able to date when I was younger I would have learned what red flags were and all that shite, but I don’t like letting my upbringing decide my fate, I’m starting to consider dating again but idk, anyone else want to bs about relationships? Share stories or whatnot?


I dated a stripper once for a few months.

She was always horny, but faithful. It was kinda cool, all these guys were drooling over her but she came home with me, I use to hangout at the strip joint and watch her dance. I eventually broke up with her though, I decided I didn’t want to date a stripper anymore, plus we didn’t have much in common.

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Every time I’ve dated I turned into this person that deviated further away from who I really am.

I don’t know, maybe in the future things will be different.

I’m sort of getting to a point where I’m thinking I require dating just for survival.

But then I’m thinking, really?

So in conclusion, I’m not sure if I can ever be romantic again.


But, if that truly is the case that I give it up, I will be sure to find a way to be cool with that.

And in addition, I seem to yoyo from wanting to be in a relationship to not to wanting to not.

Idk… All I’m gonna say is that I’m getting therapy in July or August so they will help me work through this.

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That druggy alky girl is bad news. She will end up paying for her stupidity. She is life’s biggest loser, and the best thing is to stay away from her. She can’t be helped.

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What was that like?

Trigger warning gross content.

One time I met this funny older Latina woman on a dating site.

We were watching Goodfellas and cuddling, but she got hungry. So I drove her to McDonald’s and bought her a meal.

When we got back to my place we started making out and we went into my bedroom. We started having sex and I made her orgasm so hard she pissed on my bed.

She was so embarrassed she practically ran out of my apartment.


I can relate in someway to everything you said, I don’t like not being myself sometimes I chameleon into other people to make a girl happy.

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I updated my answer above to explain it.

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Dang monte you got the magic touch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:


That actually sounds kinda nice, I don’t care what a girl does for work as long as she’s faithful and caring. That’s an experience in itself it sounds like.

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LOL! That night was wild. :joy:

Nobody wanted to date me in high school, I was a loser.

Nobody I asked out in college said yes.

Dated a few girls between college and getting sza, then when I got symptoms at age 30 my social life completely died. I haven’t really made friends or dated since then.

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I’ve dated very little. I only dated midgets.


The only good thing about not dating a lot is you can honestly say that every date is truly memorable.

I took a very good looking woman out quite a few times. We were both about 28. I drove up north 20 miles to her city. I was driving and she was showing me around her city. We were on the main drag and four twenty year old’s pull up along side me on the drivers side. They start laughing at me. I shoot them a withering look. They keep laughing and my date slinks down in her seat and says, “Oh my god How embarrassing!”

They pull away and I’m mad and embarrassed. She shows me another place then directs me to her old high school. I park in the parking lot and we have sex in my car.

“Thank you, laughing as*holes in the car.” I don’t know what you did but I had a beautiful woman and you jerks had each other.

I knew I was Gay since I was about 17.

My dating experience has been formed by the seedy online underground scene of Homosexuals. Not really that pleasant. Still get several nude pics sent to me each week with not even a ‘hi’ first…

Anyways, I tried to beat myself straight by dating a girl I went to Uni with, but after three months it felt cruel to continue the relationship

We went on one date, which I did not think was a date, but she did as she wore a dress like the Americans do to prom.

Maybe I used the wrong yard stick for woman-kind. She was highly possessive, and liked public displays of affection that I found very uncomfortable.

Happened to go to London with her, and her Aunt was over from Canada, and she said to my then girlfriend, “You know you don’t have to keep brining home stray’s with you Naomi”, then she looked at me and said “Sorry, don’t mean you dear”


I don’t know what the f I am doing with myself. My dating experiences with women is the above, and I got molested by women when I was out of my head as a drunk/drug addict when I was a teenager!

Apart from that one night stands are about it

Wish someone would take an interest, but at this stage I am not too hopeful

Pretty content with how things are.

Any future partner that may come along will have to sign a lot of paperwork, as I have built a life of financial independence now…

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