Dating and money

I watched a video on TV about dating in China. There is big rooms where random men and women meet, there was a women who refused all the men as no one made more money than her. It looked like shopping for a partner, getting the one with more money.


There’s a reality series coming out called naked attraction were your only allowed to pick someone seeing their naked body neck down. That’s crazy to me!


That would of been a better name for the show :sweat_smile:

The next show it will be more focused “Balls or Boobs”


Seen them. And if you want a manipulative relationship - go right ahead.

They are more probably interested in the contents of your bank account.


Thing is there are some rich people who are sooo cheap.:joy:

I had a couple rich boyfriends and they were sooooo cheap.
They didn’t buy me anything really and took me out for dinner only once and made a huge deal about it.
Not nice !

Had poor boyfriend who was so generous and would probably spend his last money on us and buy us a pizza or something.

I’m pretty generous I think or can be so i don’t like a cheap partner.

I’m not a gold digger but it’s nice to take care of each other.

My current boyfriend is poor and if we marry I want a prenup so he can’t take my car from me.etc
I’m poor too but I own a car.
Thing is a prenup can cost ten thousand dollars so i would have to take out a loan to get a prenup and i don’t want to go in debt but think May marry him.


And that’s why they are rich. My wife and I mostly went on picnics when we were dating and I cooked. What’s more impressive? A mediocre meal in a fancy restaurant or getting to eat scratch-made fettucini carbonara in the woods next to a babbling creek with the area all to yourself? That includes making the noodles on the spot.


Let’s keep it pg-13


I kept my noodle in my pants while we were dating and until we were married. What you see in this video is pretty much what I was doing back in 1998:


Thats a Disaster in the Beginning. Purely cos there is no trust in the relationship.

Sorry - I tell it like it is.


Hubby and I both had nothing when we met. We don’t have much now, but we have eachother. That’s all I need. A prenup never would have crossed my mind, and apparently, it didn’t cross his either. I could understand a middle aged man wanting one after he’s spent his life building his wealth and maybe owns a company, or a single mother who has life insurance money from a deceased spouse and a kid to think about. I think there are situations where it makes sense. For me, though, I wouldn’t want one. Of course, I can’t imagine ever being with anyone but hubby. He’s the one for me.


Yeah - thats what i mean. You and your partner should be the one spirit. When you start tarting about with Pre Nuptials - it puts doubt into the relationship.

When you love someone - worrying about your assets should be the last thing on your mind.

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Men are suppose to be hunters and gatherers.

Women are suppose to be the brain !

So obviously, when smartness comes it goes to women.

But when security and safety comes Men shows up.

So what shall I conclude?

Just image all have equal responsibility !

Then each could have multiplied with out a partner.

I wonder what the reason for this gender differences.

When all crave for equality?

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My wife is capable of providing security and safety on her own.


So what’s the role of both ? Men and women why the difference?

In my country, the role of men and women is whatever they decide it is. Same for those who don’t identify as either.


Uh oh. If Zombie were here, I think this thread would get an angry response and big ol’ lock now.

As soon as I read to a certain point…immediately thought of ZombieMombie. (Who I miss btw, but I also totally respect her decision to leave).

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Our society has become so shallow


Okay. But look… men, lots of men want very pretty, almost ideal women. That model or even escort type
That’s where they fail. Those ideal women for 99% of cases are actually looking for money, rather real good relationship


Yea it goes both ways I guess, some men also prefer rich women.


Ye ye, indeed
It just happens not so often