Dating and Facing Rejection as a Person With Schizophrenia

As a writer I’m no stranger to rejection.

I’ve seen at least a hundred rejection letters from different agents and editors and somehow I’ve been able to separate myself from work related rejection.

Personal rejection though, is a whole different beast.

I went on a date last Sunday with a girl I met on This was very exciting seeing as how I don’t go on a lot of dates.

For some reason I just have never been good with relationships and I’ll write on that topic later.

It seemed to go well though, we had a lot to talk about and it was fun but when I texted her after the date she said she didn’t feel a spark and asked if we could just be friends.

That was hard.

I know it’s a numbers game but dating is just not my forte. It’s even harder when you have an illness like schizophrenia.

I’ve said before that the way the illness manifests itself for me is an intense paranoia that people are out to get me or are making fun of me, and when you’re rejected by a date it only fuels that fire.

It’s been a week since the date and the notion still eats at me that there’s something wrong with me and that she went back to her friends and made fun of me afterwards.

That’s one thing I’ve never done the conventional dating routine. My first friendship with a girl/woman was non sexual and on both our parts quite immature in nature. The second with my future wife was in hospital and there was no dating routine. We just got to know and like each other culminating in the decision to leave hospital together.

I think I would be too afraid of rejection to put myself out there. Also making that judgement call as to whether it was more than just friendship wouldn’t be easy for me.

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You know I think the world is opening up in a lot of ways including accepting sz. Just assume they do and not that they don’t your mind will love you.

As an actor who’s seen his share of rejections from auditioning, I think rejection gets easier the more often you put yourself out there. Sure rejection is painful, but over time you get better at handling it. Sometimes you just aren’t right for the part, or someone else fits better, or there’s all matter of reasons you don’t get cast.

It’s the mush same with dating. But one things for certain, you won’t get cast if you don’t audition.