Dating again

i know this topic is done to death but what do you think is the best site for dating?

i dont like zoosk much bc you have to say yes, no, maybe when looking for people :frowning: hate that man

i prefer seeing everybody’s face at the same time and if anyone stands out i look at their profiles,

just want to find that perfect woman, girl, lady lol someone nice obviously that wont judge i guess

Stay away from dating websites I did Zoosk and no offence but I met my boyfriend on Zoosk and he has sz. He was honest about it and we talked for 3 mo before I went on a date with him. As it turned out he went off meds and lied to me about it and is unraveling at this moment. I love this man but he has gone through my life like a wrecking ball. So be very cautions. is worth the money by way of volume of membership. It is highest membership of the quality people. (Smile in your photos and spell check your profile. I like this for the older crowd.

Very close second for our situation is

The social events in larger cities for should not be missed either…Great opportunity to meet up with people from the site in low-pressure environment. may have something great in your city too…Membership dues are small too.

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I was on years ago! It was a great site. I met my husband on Match and we have been married 8 years!


Have u heard of happn. It’s an app

Right now I’m on okcupid. It seems to be the best of them all but I don’t like filling out all the info so I just put my photo up. It seems they don’t care what you say anyways so If they like my photo they’ll like my photo and talk to me.

I hear about this Tinder but apparently you need a facebook to get that to work.

POF died. Craigslist is dead for finding personals.

I haven’t heard of happn but I’ll check it out. The best place to meet girls is to put yourself out there in the community and volunteer and meet people at work and stuff I feel. That’s where I’ve met the majority of the girls I’ve “met” in the last couple years.