Darksith side of creativity

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History is filled with mad geniuses. The price of creativity is high.


“The Scream” painting depicted here is actually ‘The scream of nature’ according to Munch. These paintings were made at the dawn of the industrialization of the world, and 10 years after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 - 84 that turned the skies a blood red.

The article says ‘The painting is thought to represent the angst of modern man, which Munch experienced deeply throughout his life’
But Munch himself said it was the scream of nature, and a scream passing through nature…he of course is a part of nature as are we all.

I would think there are a combination of factors influencing that particular painting…maybe he literally felt and saw natures violent upheavals and natures reaction to what man was beginning to do to it through exploitation of resources and pollution by industrializing, and that the screaming ‘man’ in the painting is representative of people who are reacting to what is being done to nature.

I was told by aliens that when they detected that nukes had been used in 1945 they heard a primal scream, the scream of the earth…

This is how I see what Munch painted, at least this particular painting

I read The Doors of perception by alduous Huxley lately and it talked about this. How mescaline mirrors schizophrenia which mirrors the artist. I could sight while I’m off my medication I’m very creative. but on it I kind of lose that spark. rather be stable than creative though.

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Mescaline tripped me into BP/SZ land!

Ah hah. Found you on Youtube:


LSD did it for me, although I think I had pre-existing mental illness. In a way I’ve gotten better and in a way worse from taking psychedelics. I was self-medicating but ended up making some things worse…

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