Dark souls 2.. again

I refuse to sell my self short and look up anything about it that would give me an edge… i also have been through prolly 50 attempted play throughs since it came out… its so very…very painful…

the first trophy i unlocked happend in tge first 5 mins of playing… i back rolled off a cliff… it said welcome to dark souls… i knew this game was going to be a pain… and it is…


lol. I dont like video games much, but i have a relative that loves them. He has played the dark souls game too.

I call it the “angery voice game”. He really does sit there cussing for much of his game play time. I can hear him all over the house sometimes.

He says the same thing, that the game is very difficult.

Souls games are boss! I love Dark Souls 2. See if you can get a co-op partner to drop in for the bosses. Just run through low level areas over and over again to get souls to level up with and you will become stronger!

Dark Souls remastered is coming out in a few months, now that will be tough.

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Touche…I’ve heard it’s pretty brutal!

I try to play most games vanilla and don’t mod or anything. I rarely finish anything. Still it’s the journey that counts!

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Hey I got this one too and I don’t have the patience to go through it solo, although I completed the first one by myself.
anyway wanna do a duo run? It could be way tolerable and funnier at times :slight_smile:

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