Dark sith's check list for therapy session

  1. have shower :shower:
  2. clean clothes :jeans:
  3. release wild life from my hipster beard… :mouse::bird:
  4. put on deodorant…:blush:
  5. find my best beanie ( hipster beanie )
  6. take :books: ’ sithism journal ’ to appointment.
  7. practice looking ’ sane ’ in mirror. :imp:
  8. remember to park spaceship :rocket: two blocks from appointment …and put cloaking device… ’ on '.
  9. turn up on right day… and at right time :clock1:
  10. keep an eye :eyes: out for jedi scum.
  11. don’t walk on cracks in pavement !?!
  12. don’t touch light switches !! :bulb:

take care :alien:


You have this thing planned out better than I do.

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I actually make an effort to step on the cracks usually. It’s part of my OCD. I count in 3’s and 12’s. Take care.

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Please teach me the ways of the dark side and also how to “practice looking sane in the mirror.” I would really like to work on how I present myself. Also you need a security system for your space ship other then invisibility. If I walked into an invisible object I’d either freak out and run away or be more curious then George.


I Remember Your Thread Where You Were Having Troubz … ,

Here’s A SonggG You Mite L(Y)Ke … ,

He Once Was Apart Of A Curious George Soundtrack … ,

and Thaz All e(Y)e Gonna Saye …


@rhubot ,

I Shall Leve Thaz 1 Ups Ta Yoush (!!!)

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The Boy Scout motto - Be prepared.

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Jack Johnson is awesome. Banana pancakes (song) is the reason I love banana pancakes (food) now. That and adventure time bacon pancakes. I like pancakes. And I’m feeling a little better today but thanks for caring about me. I’m still fed up with a lot of things in my life but I’m still feeling a little better. And its the weekend tomorrow (I count fridays)

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Fridays Are One Of Tha Best … ,

Unless … ,

Unless You Lyke Waking Up and Feeling Refreshed , So Mondays Are OK I GUESS … ,

I Swear Tha Day , Mon - Friday Is Tha Longest … ,

and Sat - Sun , Never Las’ Long Enough … , That Day Feels Like A Walk To Tha Car From Tha Tiniest Parking Lot … ,

RARGH (!!!)