Dark Side of Agreeableness

My agreeableness has gotten me into trouble in work in the past. Especially when it comes to dealing with other people. Somethings that people say or that I believe they think about me will stick in my craw, I’ll react by punishing myself and rewarding the abusers by leaving the position. I know rationally that I’m not doing anyone favors, except perhaps myself by removing the stressor, but that favor is fleeting.

I need to work eventually, to avoid the fate that I can’t help but anticipate for when my mom dies (Dad died years ago.), ending up in hospice or something. I don’t want to rely on my siblings for help living, I don’t want to put a strain on their living situations and also find the idea of living with their spouses a bit scary.

I need to make this job work, it’s only a seasonal job. I need to complete it, at the very least give two weeks notice if it’s too hard.

EDIT: I haven’t gotten the job yet, but I’m pretty confident at my ability to interview for the job. There’s high turnover in fulfillment, so they’re often looking for new people. But I also need to look into solutions for energy, which often lags under my current medication.


You can do this @Coldcomfort - this forum will always be here for you to support you along the way. Try not to place too much pressure on yourself. Sure, try your best to do well in this job, but accept the role of fate and never get too down if things don’t pan out the way you hoped… I am sure everything will be fine :slight_smile:


Thanks @_JDOG26 . It was nerve wracking, especially in the hours leading up to it. Does anyone else have more trouble outside of the thing they have to go to, more than the actual thing?

On the plus side, if I pass my drug test and background check I should be fine to get the job. Hopefully they won’t let my spotty history get in the way, but it seems like they’ll hire anyone. I’ll just give it a try and no big deal if I fail.

I really need to do something about my energy levels, as this is a kind of job I need to hussle.

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