Dangerous? I was insulted

I don’t know what made me think of it just now but I was remembering when I used to go to the Social Security office near my old studio. I had to go there a bunch of times over the period of 6 years. It was a small office; if it was crowded there would be about 20 people. They had a guard in uniform stationed looking over the seated people. I remember at least three times when the guard was keeping an eye on me. I had no intention of getting violent but there were a couple people who were bugging me and giving me funny looks and I admit I got a little agitated. I always prided myself that in all my years of schizophrenia I never got violent but that guard was watching me and moving closer. Luckily, nothing ever happened but it made me embarrassed and even madder that the guard singled me out two or three times.


I’m sorry. People can be very judgmental sometimes. You know you’re not violent so just focus on the fact that you did nothing wrong.


Back when I had long hair, in my youth, I used to be watched extra carefully many times when I was in some stores. It was definitely noticeable. I usually just smiled at security or laughed.


I get followed aground in shops all the time. Doesn’t help I had a pretty bad shop lifting addiction for 6 years

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