Dance/Movement Therapy

Is anyone trying Dance/Movement Therapy? If so, do you find it helpful, and what symptoms does it help with?

Did “armor-blocking emotional release therapy” almost 40 years ago. I did feel some lift-off, but I was so drug-blasted and alcoholic at the time that I don’t think it did near as much good as it might have. The stuff has sort of gone out of vogue at the more sophisticated tx centers (like The Meadows, near Phoenix, AZ), though walking meditations and Tai-Chi-like movement and meditation are big these days.

The key nowadays is hooking up the mindful interoception (see to the movements as an introduction to the skills that will be used for more directly therapeutic purposes.

And the therapy that seems most often associated with that introduction now is Pat Ogden’s “sensorimotor” PT (see, though Peter Levine has something pretty similar. (Lemme see if I can find it.)

Okay. Here it is: somatic experiencing at

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It does help one escape the mind and feel confident a bit.

Just a snap of the fingers or a tap of the foot go a long way:

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Actually, what I see in practice is using the movement techniques to go more deeply interoceptive to see the mind-body connection more clearly.

Hmm I use dance as a means of becoming more physical. Or more specifically, less lingual. Just keep moving and quit thinking.

It’s funny man. Their ain’t no awkward dance.

Do the laundry. Be the sprinkler. Buy them groceries. Start the mower.

Life’s a dance.

“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.” – Dr. Paul in the AA Big Book.

(Only took me, what, uhhhh, 30 years to get that?)

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Hella respect to you man.

You wouldn’t think that way if you’d had to watch me go through it. :open_mouth: :grimacing: :smirk:

Hah man. An adult in psychosis is much like a child. A new and different experience and there are no adults to guide you through.

I thank you for being one of them.