[Dance] "Indre Night" - Dj Fusion Star

I have been having some fun lately, or should I say fun of working hard on my tunes.
This idea is over an year old already, but I finally did something to it.
A dance track called “Indre Night”. I don’t have to say this is 100% Reason as it always is.
Feedback welcome!

Hope you enjoy…


It’s good… I want to make music too but don’t know how to work with all the knobs on synths drum gen ect. I downloaded trial edition of reason 10 today tried to make a beat

How to start to understand what to do in software

You should go and watch all the tutorials over Youtube, read the PDF manual and just practice. It takes some time but you have to start from somewhere. I started to use Reason in 2002 after I bought it off. They had a printed manual with the box, I read it all and learnt. :slight_smile:

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