Dance and movement in general help me!

I’be found that dancing to rock be toll really picks up my state of mind. How about u?

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Dancing definitely helps clear the mind. No worrisome thoughts occur. Dance like no one is watching.

Good for you.

I used to dance every week but have not really been able to enjoy it last couple or few months because everyone was attacking me spiritually even with weapons i think so i had to do self defence and they would not let me be a free spirit and be myself and lots of jealousy and hate and nastyness going on so im taking a break.

Its rock n roll lessons but as said im taking a break because its not nice getting attacked by everyone and me alone although 2 men helped me a few moments but other than that im all alone and attacked etc and feel so fragile and was afraid even a bit too but went anyway.

I hope to go back in the future.
Hoping things will settle in the future.

It depends who you are dancing with and as a woman the man is supposed to lead on dance floor.
I have had some awesome dances with a few people in the past.
was lovely.

Even one man who was not nice to me n hated me n we had no compatability but he was good dancer anyway and to dance with.

I still remember last dance that felt good was with a married man but im not sure if it was his energy in his body.
It was platonic, no chemistry etc and im very respectful about married or taken people…
I only interested in single available for me one. :slight_smile:

He was good leader but then it seemed he also was afraid cause as i saw it they were countries and dancing graveyards and golly and governments and weapons and heaps of crime etc etc etc

But Yeah, I do hope to dance again soon.
Was a few people who wanted to drive me away and i know they could not take me on one on one unless they cheated which seems be norm for them… so all of them against me.
"thats the spirit"
Then in my community they always inciting hatred and spreading lies like im worse than the devil when its the ones that lie in there churches that are the real mischief ones despite not looking or seemig that way.

I even have rock n roll dance shoes that i love and rock n roll clothes.:heart:

It would be nice to not feel so alone.

Maybe i will meet a man in future that i can have as a bf and dance rock n roll with.

I hope you do meet that special man in the future that you can dance the night away with! I also hope you find peace of mind soon!

Thank you :blush:
I wish you nice dancing momentos too.

Dancing is good, I have not danced really after I left Miami over 14 years ago, there I was that crazy dancer who always danced alone in clubs of Miami Beach, those were different times.


nice relaxing music :smiley: i like it :E keep it up

Thanks guys for all the encouragement!

I wish I could dance. I have problems feeling the beat.