Dan and Margot- a documentary portrait about schizophrenia

DAN & MARGOT is the intimate look into the life of a young modern woman struggling to take back the three
years of her life that she lost to schizophrenia. With transparency and even humour, we will confront the notion of schizophrenia through a female character-driven portrayal that asks questions about the deep-seated stigmatization of mental illness within our culture and the way in which we all choose to cope with our past, present and future.

Not long ago Margot was haunted by the voices in her head. She was stalked, sexually harassed and tormented by a person who never really existed. For three years this went on, leading Margot into a deep depression until finally she was hospitalized and diagnosed.

Today, Margot is trying to gain back the years she lost during her episodes. She wants four things: to move out of her parent’s house, to meet others like herself, to find satisfying work and ultimately to discover love.

As she gets closer to achieving what she wants, she continues to grapple with her illness. Schizophrenia is a life-long condition and the chance of relapsing is ever-present. When we start to see signs of paranoia in Margot involving a new male figure, the line between reality and perception is blurred. We, as filmmakers, can’t help but get entangled in the fear of what lies ahead.

Margot gives a voice to the many relatable stories of mental illness as she demonstrates a person’s right to fail, living with one’s past traumas and hope, the key to human existence.

Running Time: 75 mins
Screening Format: HDCam Stereo 16:9 Color 23.98fps 1920x1080p
Country and Year of Production: Canada 2015
Proposed release date: Fall 2015


Official trailer here:


Looks like it could be good.

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