Damn.. It's official

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Sure, if it’s on Quora, it’s gotta be true :lying_face: :thinking: :laughing:


You gotta use. Use your imagination :))

It’s true thou :wink:

The most intelligent, sexy, creative and amazing people

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Is that before or after they start yelling at you :grin:

Maybe that’s an inappropriate joke.

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It’s right in the meantime, while you doing it

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Crazy in the head crazy in bed? :crazy_face:


In all honesty my cousin has bpd and shes a complete nightmare. I think she has 3 boyfriends right now. Beats them up. Kicks her mom in the stomach and stuff.
Voluntarily gave up her 2 year old and 1 year old kids.

Shes brutal lol.

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Well, schizoprenics aren’t all the best either :laughing:

Dude i think shes worse than someone with schizophrenia. She leaves a path of destruction in anyones life she meets.
A person with schizophrenia usually just destroys their own life

Im not arguing. Shes represents one person not the entire diagnosis

At least shes not dull

Oh yeah i know, she a bad egg lol

Hatch her in the anus

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What does that mean?

I shouldn’t have internet acces rn. My bad man

I was super energetic. My bad man. I dunno

Lol all good mate

I agree. BPD don’t choose their illness as SZ don’t choose. Both are very misunderstood, with BPD being misunderstood by even Health providers.


The only thing that both diagnoses have in common is loads of suicides.

I also read that 40% of BPD have a narcissistic disorder.

But I guess we shouldn’t make this into a competition of which one is worse to have.

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I also read that Belgian schizoprenics arw killers

Are you gonna post a source or smt

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