Damn it, this could be a problem

I’m having waaaaay too much fun with the Echo Plus. I suspect there are a couple of Echo Dots and some smart plugs and bulbs in my future. Who knew that being surveiled by Jeff Bezos was this awesome?


Yeah I have heard echo’s are fun. Apparently Alexa is miles ahead of the competition

i have an echo dot. mostly i ask alexa what day it is? what time is it? what is the scorpio horoscope for the day? and then listen to music with it. i used to ask her questions. and here is one of her jokes.

what did the cheese dress us up for for halloween?

it was a little munster.


I feel like I’m Jim Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise!



Have you noticed how Star Trek had all the ideas of how the future is going to work before it happened.


I think they licence out Alexa too. I think you can get some pretty audiophile friendly set ups with Alexa included. Like above Sonos quality

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I really wish you hadn’t mentioned that.

Imma go so broke.

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I got an offer to pick up an echo dot for $10 Australian. I might have to see if that is still valid. I just ordered a dot. $10 is worth it to have a look.

I got an Echo dot for my birthday three years ago. I still haven’t got around to trying to figure out how to use it.

Recap of my afternoon…

“Alexa, play a fart noise.”



“Alexa, play a fart noise.”



This went on for at least an hour.


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I don’t remember how but I read you can change the voice to RDJ’s Iron Man and it’s sarcastic and everything he was in his 3 movie set. Not the leader he ended up being, but the ■■■■■■■ before that. I don’t have any of the Alexa stuff, so you can google the different voices you can get.

We bought the Samuel L Jackson mod for Alexa.

Does he say mfer??? I might buy one just to have Samuel L Jackson cuss me out. I also might have to get a few so I have a Heath Ledger Joker and an Arthur Fleck Joker. Damn it all, now I gotta go do surveys all night to get my Amazon giftcards back up. I just spent 90 on Yugioh cards for hubby and kids that they got today. We have some worth selling, but I leave that to them as they have a shop they like to go to in Rockford called Robin’s Nest. Nice lady, very very fair value for cash, even better if you wanna trade for store credit and they end up somehow getting something worth more when they do that.

But yeah, survey time, lol.

He does. You tell him to curse and he says, " A lot of you mfers want to her me say mf"

He does it again when he sings happy birthday.

Oh. My. God. So epic.

Man, I want Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as my Alexa voice, but she passed in 2008.


Have you seen the skit on YouTube blaming him for everything he does in his movies and parents little kids watching them? Omg. Lol.

It’s like Blame Samuel L Jackson. Or ■■■■ you Samuel L Jackson. I think it’s from College Humor team. If I find it I’ll post it. It’s priceless.

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