Damn, I can't believe what I just read about California

The Governor just asked the federal government for a navy ship with medical supplies to come to Los Angeles. He said it’s projected by the end of two weeks, half of California will be infected with the corona virus. WTF. He issued a “stay at home” alert for the whole state.


Hey mate and my other Californian peeps. This sounds serious so keep indoors and look after yourselves. It seems a fast moving situation but your health and welfare and that of your family and friends are paramount. Hang in there matey and sounds like self isolation is required.


It’s just the beginning. I’m guessing we’ll all be isolated for at least a year until a vaccine is discovered.


Damn. I’m still working. I wonder when we’ll be told to not come in. The hospital is 2 minutes away from here. If our town gets it, we’re all getting it. :cold_sweat: My husband is immunosuppressant. I have costochronditis, which I’m not medicated for. I’m getting worried more every day. Most living around here work in the hospital. They’re nurses, anesthesia, doctors, retired people. Also this county hosts a celebration every year akin to Woodstock and many people out of state come to it to get drunk, high and have sex. I don’t know what they’ll do about them. Those concert goers walk through our yards, they stink and shower in either the creek, fountains or water mushrooms on the property. :fearful::fearful:


Are you going to stay at home?

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I live right in the San Francisco bay area. I just don’t want to end up in a hospital, that always aggravates my symptoms.

We have one person in our household who goes out a lot due to work and other things, biggest chance is that person gets it and brings it back. Me personally I could just stay inside, the gas station I buy cigarettes at is less than one minute down the sidewalk. It’s the only place I really go. We still have to get groceries now and then, though. Not exactly rich enough to have them delivered.

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Just buy for a week or two instead of only a few days if you can afford it. Every time you stay in instead of going out helps. Just limit it as much as possible. And wash your hands. A lot.


New York will probably be next

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I saw a story on the news that said that the college students were having their Spring Break parties in spite of the Corona virus. It showed them crowded together over huge stretches of beach. It’s probably inevitable that they get hundreds, if not thousands, of avoidable Corona infections.

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I am staying in for now, but will go out in a limited way after a few days…i had a cough, malaise, shortness of breath. I do let my son play outdoors at my fathers place, he just has 1 friend there he always plays with. My dad also still goes for groceries etc.

I am not afraid to get it, but i am afraid to spread it if i have it.

Here they also say a major part of the country will get sick, maybe half. They kind of accept that, just hope to spread it out over a longer time period for health care to stay available.

Someone i know was in spain…there they were ordered to stay inside. Here they dont have a total lock down.

TBH I thought Corona was a hoax, it’s like the Shane Gibbs of viruses.

It looks like it’s an 8 week period not 2

don’t borrow trouble @77nick77 it hasn’t happened yet…

I’ve had mild cold symptoms for the past week or more. I’m sneezing a lot, a bit of a runny nose and a slight sore throat. I don’t have a fever. In other words, very mild cold symptoms. If this is covid 19, it’s not much of a sickness. I’m staying at home and not going out at all.

Maybe it’s allergies?


I’m staying at home and not going out at all.

I thought this when I got Street Theatre and Swarming.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t sound like coronavirus (though I’m no professional). According to the CDC, the main symptoms are fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. I’ve read that many people experience a sore throat, too. As far as severity, were you to have it, yours might not be as bad as someone else’s, just like your psychotic episode might not be as bad as someone else’s. That may be a bad example, but my point is that things vary from person to person.

Sounds like allergies, but we’ve had a weird fall and winter so pollen and stuff is way off charts this year. I’m allergic to hay, they were cutting that in fields thru end of Dec as we had no snow.

Zyrtec can be RXed by a doctor and insurance is supposed to pay for it. I take that usually, but since I am battling a cold too, again, with the allergies doc said to call for the script for Zyrtec when I send for my tramadol on 23rd.

Also, Claritin is ok, i only take it as a combo with Zyrtec for med reactions along with benadryl, so sometimes that can be RXed by doctor too.

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