Daily Redundancies

Daily Redundancies

Glares from my coworkers
letting me know they
aren’t pleased to see me.

Complaints from my wife
about something I didn’t
complete in her time frame.

Admonishments from my children
for not playing with them more
because I’m at work too much.

Reminders from myself
of my own shortcomings
and inadequacies.


Don’t forget to remind yourself of how unreal and awesome you are for overcoming addiction while having schizophrenia.


Thank you, that’s a very nice thing to say. Some days are better than others as far as feeling good about myself goes.

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Oh, and I saw you mention El-P earlier, but I didn’t want to hijack whatever thread that was, but his Cancer 4 Cure sent me messages during my psychosis lol

Really? That’s interesting because Aesop Rock sends me messages through his lyrics. Good ones though.

His Labor Days album in particular. But also his song Take Me To The Basement.

I get the some days being better for feeling good about yourself too. The off days suck monkeys.

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I’ve heard of aesop rock, but I can’t remember hearing much of his stuff. I’ll have to look into it.

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Do, he is a poet!

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I like it. He sounds like someone I could get into.

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Check out his Labor Days and Float albums.

They are both a bit old but great!

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Thanks for this chat, by the way. It got me through a really tough moment.

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I met him once ina pub…one of my friends older brothers knew him…was cool…

You met Aesop Rock?

Yea…he seemed cool…

Oh WOW! I can’t even find contact details to send him a letter but you MET him! Wow you are so lucky!

I guess…i was in highschool and he was new. I havent thought about looking him up since then…im guessing hes doing well? @anon84763962

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well if you ever find out an email address, let me know!

He has inspired some of my art.


I’m sorry to hear that you were having a tough time, but I’m glad that I could help. Hope you’re doing better :elephant:

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Wow! Nice art turtle!!


Thanks @everhopeful I think it is one of my favourite drawings.