Daily inspiration is key

Never stop doing what you love.


Hi Patrick. I think I’ve heard that quote on the campaign trail.

Hi Daze! How have you been?


I’m OK thanks for asking. Are your daughters back to school?

The girls start next week…

Gotta run, my Dad is coming over for a spell. We’ll pick this conversation up later on today?


Sure! 15 15151515

I feel like I have lost all my passion. I’m pushing myself everyday. Don’t wanna give up and give in this laziness :imp:

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I know we are our own worst critic. I’d say just set goals For each day and then Feel better about accomplishments.


Has your son started school up again, Daze?..

Must give you a break from the long summer…more time to yourself during the day…etc.

Hey my son graduated in2013. Now he works in sheltered workshop shredding papers and breaking boxes and stuffing the baler. He then goes to dayhab for recreation. He’s gone about 8:30 am to 2:30 pm then he’s off with me somewhere.

Did you guys get a vacation this summer? Besides your golf trip?

That’s great, Daze…

Yes. We went to my Uncle’s Cottage in the Eastern Townships of Quebec for 5 days. Also went to a Waterpark Resort for a weekend.

Great Summer over all! :slight_smile:


We had family reunion on Sunday. It was fun. Some in my family never age.

Do you guys celebrate labor day?

Not really…most every other holiday though here in Canada…

Glad you had a nice reunion. Life is fast. Nice to take the time to put an event like that together and all appreciate one another.

Gotta run again. Daughter has a Doctor’s appointment…

Busy day!

Talk soon.

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Strive to be in a better place in your life…


Life is without meaning.
You bring the meaning to it.
The meaning of life is
whatever you ascribe it to be.
Being alive is the meaning.

  • Joseph Campbell
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