Daily depression cycle


Hold onto that love and cherish it. When you feel down remember it. Tbh, I think you’re doing great. Now you’ve got a phone, car, good meds, and a bunch of am’ ers to chat with. You’ll be fine. I think the morning crew is pretty strong!


Yup, our minds are deeply troubled. Ihdk if I shut on and off because of meds or my illness anymore. They seem so intertwined that I don’t know if I am the causality of meds or me


Me too. I wake up and drink coffee and feel perfect. Then night comes too early and I feel I wanna die


At nights i have depression and in the mornings I have grandiose ideas


Try a vitamin d3 supplement. I take the 4000 iu pill. Helps alot


Hey man… How you’ve been lately?


Much better thanks to my antidepreassant Trazodone(Trittico) How about you?


Good man. I have a cold but I’m ok


What is a mental health clubhouse and what do you do there?


It’s a place for mentally Ill people to hang out. You get food, volunteer, get services, do activities and stuff. I need to do one more day of orientation then I’m a member officially


That’s very cool @Gratitude! I hope you enjoy your time there!


I think the clubhouse is a good thing for you. Gets you out and around some people and gives you something to do. I think we have something like that here but i’ve never been. The lamp might be worth looking into also. Hope you find something that works. Good luck, man!


hey @Wallafish . I chase shadows sometimes and I apologize. Bit of paranoia creeps in and I do pretty well most times. Bit tired…say some stupid shite sometimes. Sorry to single you out! My bad!


whats your diet like?