Daily Chores: Personal Health

Lift weights for 10 - 20 minutes. A variety of exercises with a focus on form and going slow, really focusing on the difficult regions.

Typing. At least two pages. I’ve been working on a game and the fiction can use a lot of detail so I have good context to fall back on.


I am starting exercise too soon… really need to put all my remaining energy on it… Maybe it will help me.
Good job


What kind of game Azley? Are you by any chance a software developer? I was one myself, before sz, but never worked in the game industry.


Working to be one. I have a set of projects in mind to get my feet wet on some basics and then a string of games to develop the necessary skills around.

I understand code pretty well. Started in basic in high school and moved onto c++. Finally understood c++ well enough that reading java was becoming easier… Now I need experience in getting things communicating with each other.

Multiplayer is not something I want to overlook. The game I was referring to however is a single player free roam. Sort of a mix between legend of zelda and an elder scrolls title. It borrows a lot of influence from the real world in how things are structured and dips into some occult perspectives to add depths and other things. The hollow earth theory… ancient aliens… different little societies in the lore that reflect good and bad aspects of westernized society… among other things.

It’s pretty cool. I mean I’m happy with the idea. Sci-Fi/Fantasy… You play as a young woman who is left wondering through the world… more or less merely seeking a break from her disatisfaction… because the world she came from was plain… and she just didn’t fit. winds up being a hero to all those aside from those left as examples of what human bitterness and jealousy look like.

I want to embed a lot of life lessons… Even things that resonate with a schizophrenic experience… jsut based on how the NPCs treat her. I don’t think it’s been done all that well before.

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I started working out back in April. Don’t be discouraged Because you won’t see changes that you will notice for months. People I haven’t seen in a while do say I’ve lost some weight which is motivation enough to keep going.

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Have you played Hellblade: Sensua’s Nightmare? It’s a downloadable game based on a character with schizophrenia and was developed with psychiatrists and patients. I bought it but haven’t played yet and was wondering if anyone here has played it…

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Interesting to hear about. I might look into it.