Daily challenge!


Post one challenge you give to yourself of current day…your plan to overcome it.


i Did a lot of challenges today so I will post it next day. But I am positive to see your challenges and get myself inspired …
Write inspirational thoughts plan …get inspired by other and yourself…
Create vision for yourself


One of my challenges is to learn and develop foreign language skills. I’m soft-spoken and usually quiet. I want to talk more about myself and convey my ideas and thoughts inside with the new language fluently. So I started taking a class every morning and during the afrernoon I listen to podcast and practice it by copying and speaking what speaker says as best as I can. I’m motivated and hope this will last long enough.


Cool what will you. Do today?

I just had challenge to draw flower

This is what I made…never drew flowers


My art will increase as I keep practicing it


My teacher gave me a topic I would discuss. My challenge of today is to research about it. I keep procrastinating but I will finish it before the class begins😀


Make a time amount you gonna research it

I need to read article my therapist gave me I will do it now


I’m going to challenge myself to have a happy day driving around eating turkey with family listening to the Grateful Dead seeing the snow on the trees and trying to be a nice human being with real feelings


i’m gonna hopefully get some owed art done because i’ve kept people waiting for a loooong time


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