Daily battle to take my antidepressants- anyone else?

So I wake up every morning with a mindset of stopping antidepressants, then have 3-4 hour debate with myself and either ending up taking the dose or stopping for few days and jumping back on them. I used to take antidepressants willingly, especially lexapro, but it worked like charm with risperidino. Now im on haloperidol and lexapeo doesnt work too well. When I was on risperidone maybe i attempted to quit one time, but was back on it quickly. Now its a constant battle and debate with not only myself but with you guys also and with my mom. The problem is im on 4th week of trintellix and I sleep A LOT like at least 12 hours… not sure if its gonna last or not, not sure if i have enough willpower to go through 3 months and see it…

That’s the amount I sleep approximately. I’m not on an AD, just abilify.

That side effect might go away in time.

If you’ve already been on it for a month and you’re not feeling the benefit, I would say it’s probably time to discuss switching.

No matter how good a med is, it’s worthless if you can’t bring yourself to take it every day.

Thanks, I was always a sleepy person before meds, probably im sleeping that mucb cause its the only antidepressant that eliminates anxiety completely, i dont get annoyed at all!


The deal is I have to be on one, cause I started develop major depression as a teenager. I tried plentiful antidepressants like wellbutrin, elavil, lexapro, trazadone, cymbalta. Those all drugs have sister drugs that have almost exactly same side effects. Trintellix is quite good, I only see it how good it is only when i stop it abruptly

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I’m on two antidepressants.

One of them is activating, so I take it upon awakening. The other one is sedating, so I take it upon retiring.

What if you wrote yourself notes about what happened last time you stopped? Like a reminder of how bad you felt and a reminder that it really does help?

Also an alarm to make sure you take it every day if you struggle with that.

Ehat do you take ???

I do NOT want to feel sad. Anti depressants is the business for me

I clearly remember how I feel without ADs, just want to make an attemot to be antidepressants free… the worst are suicidal thoughts and ocd

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Wellbutrin and Trazadone.

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