Dad's leading economic indicator suggests stagnant economy haha

dad always says he can tell when the economy is booming by the number of barges going up and down the river. it has definitely slowed down considerably, i only notice a few barges a day now, unlike last year when there was 2 or 3 an hour going up and down the river. i think part of it is, dems want clean energy and are always cracking down on coal, so less coal barges going up and down the river, although there are still a few.

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A good way to gauge the economy is by how busy hair stylists are. When money is tight people cut their own hair. When things are good, they pay for others to do it. I finally broke down and got a haircut yesterday. Three hairdressers on duty and I was only the second customer of the day. This was just before noon and on a Friday, which is traditionally nutz.

We are a long way from recovering from the economic damage of covid.


There may also still be a fair number of people like me who are still cutting their own hair due to covid concerns.

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I would have liked to, but my wife kept dodging on helping so I got desperate. My skin blisters and bleeds on hot days from sweat building up on my scalp under my hair. I have very thick hair so it’s a problem.


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