Daddy's got a brand new bag

No more driving to the pacer clinic over crap winter roads…

Data sent to the clinic through my phone. Isn’t technology wonderful?



My neighbor has that. It uses 4G to transmit his heart info to the hospital.

They’ve been making you drive to the clinic to transfer the data in person before this? :open_mouth:

You must be so relieved that those days are over.

Pacemaker #4 was installed in November of 2008 and swapped out for #5 in June of 2020. The iPhone wasn’t a thing when #4 went through design and testing. It takes a while for the new tech to trickle down to pacemaker owners.



well I am so happy for you !!

Looks a good bit of kit. Amazing that technology that keeps your heart ticking.

I feel like the Medtronic should also double as a garage remote, TV remote, and a call button to summon pizza delivery. Now that would be something! :thinking:

I’m just glad it doesn’t work with Alexa because Squirrelette.

“Alexa, turn off dad.”





I know a guy who had something similar. His pacer also had a defib. One day the hospital phoned him and were like ‘er you kinda had a heart attack yesterday’

He was like ‘that’s news to me!’

I had a family doctor send me in for some scans after I’d been in the emergency with chest pains over a weekend some years ago. He called the following week to ask when I’d had the major heart attacks? Had minor ones, but not major. He said so little circulation was showing that I shouldn’t be walking and I’d obviously had major infarctions. I was also like, “that’s news to me!”

My heart is flipped backwards to everyone else so normal scans don’t show the proper circulation. There’s only one scanner in my province that works on me as it’s built for people who were assembled wrong at birth. I just go there now and it shows more circulation, if not what it should be.



I’m glad it’s so convenient now. I’m sorry you need the pacemaker but I’m glad that technology is available to you. That must feel scary. I’d be really nervous if I needed a pacemaker. Does it affect you in that way?

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