Daddy never loved me!

Sounds like my grandfather. He’s a great guy.

Tough being raised by a man like that sometimes. Hard work was important and rewarded.

Thanks to him I’m comfortable.


Oh, my mom was the town bike. Everyone had a ride and she was okay with it.

I had to do a family tree project in grade three. Mine tilted to the right. Talked to the teacher about it.

“You don’t know who your dad is?”

“Mom says she didn’t ask his name. It wasn’t important.”

I will never forget the look on Mrs. Hamilton’s face. This was in a small town. My grandfather was the notorious town drunk at the time and my mom was the town skank. A lot of parents didn’t want my sort playing with their kids and I didn’t understand why.


Absoloutly @Ooorgle. Work was his life, always busy at something! My brother worked with him more than I did early in life and he seen him more as a man and dad, whereas I seen him only as a dad and he knew I was soft and looked after me as does my mother :slightly_smiling_face:


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