Dad wanted to make me a guilty sinner needy of redemption

dad put his religion on us kids. sunday was always the worst part of my week, never really cared for church. I don’t think it’s for kids but adults, but anyhow it gave me a belief in god, im just not as sold on Christianity or any other religion for that matter. would prefer to just live my life without the moral dogmas and teachings. maybe the teachings are valuable for adults? Im just starting to study the bible despite being raised in the church. don’t know what I’ll get from it. now that im older I will keep going not for religion but for the relationships. I think that is normal, it’s just our little ritual where we meet up every sunday.

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I don’t like the turn or burn attitude. I don’t think it’s good for anyone or helpful in any way


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seriously dude being raised in the church is liked being policed your whole life. it’s ■■■■■■■■. don’t even start with me about posting something inappropriate it’s not even really about religion but me.

I took biblical exegesis in collage as a course. We studied the construction of the Bible as a historical document. It was very interesting and gives an alternative meaning to understand. Quite a book, esp given there was only an oral tradition for 40 years before the first gospel was written

It’s ultimately your choice if you believe. But this might be offensive to some people

i fell away at an early age but God has stayed with me, He never left and now i am drawing closer to him, i’d like to study more about it as well.

I’m farting in this thread just so you know


I’m sorry you had to deal with that @Lifer. It must be really hard for you to maintain a relationship with your family when you don’t share the Christian faith with them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading religious text at all, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to in order to remain close to your family. That itself is wrong.

I agree it’s for adults, not children. I had such a complex about not being loving. Geez, I was only a kid.

Im sorry that was such a negative experience to you.

I hate the turn or burn stuff too. It frightened and damaged me terribly in psychosis and i wasnt even brought up with it.

I do try and raise my son with faith, but i hope to playfully teach him God is loving and it is good to be kind and unjudgemental to eachother.

I personally think faith can be for kids, just like you teach them other values too, if you just bring it with lightness and matching their world view and dont burden them with creepy stuff.

I think you shouldnt be forced to express faith in a way that doesnt match what you feel is right. Whether you are 5 or 30. If that makes sense.

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