Dad made the best food today

Cajun pork with spicy rice and peas. I had it with flour tortillas. Was amaze balls!


that sounds very delicious! the other day, i had spaghetti and sliced sausages with rice and curry chicken.


I am glad you guys enjoy your feed and have a healthy appetite.

I am also really delighted about what I ate today.
It was a BBQ and I adore BBQ (if I can endure people n socialising or they can let me be in peace n silence or something)

The sausage had some blackness to it which is how I like my BBQ sausages to be yet it was not burnt in a bad sick way.
Soft white bread with smooth sweet butter,the sausage on that with onion n a squirt of tomato sauce.
Pasta salad,salad,curried eggs ,curried banana ,carrots,apple salad n much more

There was also desert.
Several kinds.

It was great tucker/food!

I love eating and love food.

I allow myself to eat cakes n buns etc but try to limit it to not be so often.

I have not exercised today so hope I’m cool despite eating so much great food.

I have started taking thirty minute walks or one km bike ride most days which I feel positive about.

Thank you for our food!!!

Blessed it be yo!!!:two_hearts::v:t2::metal:t5::ghost::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::two_hearts:

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Good can be so healing and comforting so I wish da good great stuff for those affected by trauma n difficulties especially will they it.

A nice cup of hot/warm milo n be able to cry n sob or just take comfort in it willed it be yo.

Great good food n circulation wishes for the world,all species and so forth.