Dad joke 1515

True story: I bought a car from an auto dealership a few years ago. Towards the end of the deal, the salesman asks me if I need anything else. I ask him if he’d include a cargo net. He then proceeds to sell me a vehicle warranty! :person_facepalming:



Dude, how the hell have ya been man?

Missed ya. I was actually thinking about you the other day.

You always cracked me up.



Hi Monte!

I’ve been good, how are you? Slaying dragons and taking names, I presume.

Glad to see you man, see you in the fishbowl!

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I’m doing pretty good these days. I only hear voices once in a while. Just mostly trying to cope with the negatives and whatnot.

Still got my big cat, Jimmy. :grin: And I’m still obsessed with sneakers haha!

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Sneakers? I have a few prr listed online right now. I marked up a pair of Adidas due to its vintage quality. What type of sneakers do you collect?

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Oh, I actually collect mostly street level type sneakers. Nothing super rare and fancy. Although I scored a super sweet pair of rare Vans recently at the thrift shop for 17$. They’re over 100$ brand new but my pair is very lightly used.

Here’s a pic of them. They have zippers on the back of the shoe.


score! perfect for spring.

here’s the adidas I’m selling. I got them at Marshall’s 15 years ago, they’re still in decent shape.

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Haha! Score indeed my man. :slight_smile:

Those Adidas are nice man!

Are those Sambas?

Either way vintage Adidas are really sought after these days. Plus it looks like you really took care of them.

Sambas, yes. Somehow they went relatively unworn.

Do you document your collection? Maybe on a weblog? It would be cool to see all the finds you’ve had.


Sambas are pimp. Nice!

No, I never thought of doing a weblog but that is a really cool idea. :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been wearing my white Skechers slip ons a lot lately. They’re the same sneaker that Snoop Dogg wears in that Skechers commercial. I need to clean them a little bit too.

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I’ve never owned a pair of Skechers, I prefer Joe Montana over Snoop as an endorsement :laughing:

My current dogs are Nike Roshe. Comfort over style which is at least 90% of the time.

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