Dad is gripey

Dad has been griping about me getting up earlier than usual this morning he said I was the only one getting any sleep my take on that is why dont he stay in bed instead of blasting me out if he is not getting any sleep I dont want to hear him Griping at me as soon as I get up when I wake up I go in the living room my excuse for getting up so early is my nose has been stuffy and I get up early to let my dogs out to potty and that wakes him up I give up damned if I do damned if I dont Im over it I cant please everyone and apparently Im disturbing him so Im back in my bedroom right now so he can rest for a little while


Some people are never satisfied.

If you don’t let your dogs out they’ll go in the house which will also upset him

I’d remind him of that and ask whether he prefers they go in the house or outside.


I know that it’s not easy living with an older family member

I live with my 90 year old father and at times it’s not smooth sailing

Can you have a talk with him about how important it is for your dogs to get outside to go to the bathroom?

The answer should be obvious but I guess that patience and open communication with him is key

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My dad too was so irritated in sleep.

Because the meds I take make me shiver like being electrocuted on the bed and the entire bed shakes and his sleep is disturbed.

First few days he was feeling sorry for me then later he was not getting proper sleep ! So once he scolded me and I went slept on the floor.

Then almost in the morning he says sorry and tells me to go and sleep on the bed.

Truth is no one can handle this illness not even ourself then how could one expect others to.

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This is so true my dad gripes about everything he seems to never be happy unless he has something to complain about. I have been getting up early this past week or so maybe longer when I cant sleep I sometimes wake up early and then stay up he used to get up early himself so I dont get what the problem is I have my reasons why I wake up early but he doesnt seem to get it or understand just tired of being badgered by him my mom doesnt so much a little but not as much as my dad?

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You know what I have done.

I have named my dad “king of the house” in my native language.

Just because he runs the show.

Even if he is wrong I will let him take the wrong route and make him know he was actually wrong.

Another thing is my parents are quite aged people.

So if I need to stay under their roof I need to understand that dad is the king of the jungle “home”.

By the way I have also informed them if they need to raise voice or get something done they need to pay me as I am obedient plus I am 35 years.

I am not bound to stay home, only thing they are more worried about public rather than running a family.

By the way I don’t have an actual king as my dad.
So all is fine. Shout or don’t, I will do what needs to be done.

I also wonder why they worry about me so much ?

I have informed them multiple times, let me make my mistake don’t try to correct me before I even start a task.

Then how will I grow up or learn something that is not done earlier.

Oops I shifted focus to my side.

Same here ! I think all dad are the same.
They stand firm on their decision and main dialogue is I am thrice your age. If we try to correct it they will metally crash.

Best is to adjust and need to take care of them like a new born baby. As they took care of me when I was not able to decide on my own. Now it’s our turn to thank them with mercy and gratitude :heart:

It’s ok I suppose. If I don’t forgive who else would .
All they have in old age is luck us, who are still living with them.

Majority just fly away from the nest and make another one with a partner. It’s the evolution :dna: setup hard wired into our human brains.

By the way long story short.
Forgive and forget, if we try to change them in thier hardware.
There brain won’t withstand the pressure.

I have a amazing clip.

It always bring me to tears …


Thats a very good point I do respect my dad and my mom and do think he runs the family so I dont dare question him that would make him angrier he is in his mid 70s so is my mom well early 70s?for her and when they get to be a certain age they get set in their routine and ways I understand this I too can be stubborn and set in my ways at time but it is frustrating when you cant please him no matter what you say or do

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So true ! My dad gets on my nerves all the time !

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thats pretty much it @X_Y_Z

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Update dad still is griping about me waking up early hence waking him up like this morning he said he was tired of this and threw the blanket he had on him in the chair and stomped off back to his bed Yeah I might be manic but thats no way to act I will probably have to listen to him gripe from now on at least until I get my mania down apparently he doesnt understand me being manic I dont get why he doesnt since sometimes he is manic too and gets up early too when he is manic and I dont gripe at him I guess he doesnt see that.And he is Bipolar didnt get on meds until he was in his 70s But I think he may have had it when he was much younger noone knows?everyone just thought he was mean and angry all the time I think he has his moments like right now being mean to me and getting angry with me