Dad has surgery on Monday

My dad is having his 27th surgery on Monday. It is for his spine; he is missing a disc in his thoracic region, and where he had a fusion in his lumbar, the screws weren’t placed correctly and it has to be re-done. He has been taken off all pain meds so that they will be more effective once he starts them up again after surgery. He sounds so miserable. And he isn’t even going to have much in the way of help. His home helper is having surgery, too! Please send happy thoughts. He’s really scared about it, and I don’t want anything to happen to him.

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Good luck to your dad! Can he get a substitute home helper?

Ugh. That sounds horrible. Will keep him in my thoughts. Let us know how he is doing. :slight_smile:

Hi @ninjastar! I am on the phone with him now, and he is adamant against getting a sub helper. I suggested the same thing.

Thanks @anon78876561. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated once he’s out of surgery.

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