Dad had a funny turn today - covid complication

I have had one since age 12 and I’m 54 now. The technology has improved greatly over the years. It should let your son live a mostly normal life. He’ll just need to be aware of which devices contain magnets, generate magnetic fields, or massive EMF/RFI. If you have a stove with induction burners you’re going to have to replace it and he has to be careful where he puts his phone or headphones as he’ll be pacer dependent like I am. Also, no using electrical massagers (TENS units) or even bathroom scales that calculate BMI by running a current through you.

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Hi @Jimbob, it’s really hard to watch parents go through health issues. I’m glad you were there for your dad though, and am wishing you both well :dizzy:

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Hey mate I’m glad you were there to help and sorry your father is struggling with their health.

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It’s a good thing you were there to help your dad.

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I’m so sorry. That must make you sad and worried.

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Thank you so much @Schztuna @roguetwo @Hitmonchan @CoCo


Sorry to hear @Jimbob that sounds rough. I hope he will be OK.


Thank you so much @Qwerty

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