Dad didn't go to behavioural hospital

The family doctor told my dad that she is referring him to the behavioural hospital for a few days but instead of going there like his doctor wanted he went home. So frustrating


Hey Cbbrown What is ur Dad diagnosis …!! MY dad is Sz affective Never revealed …Never Medicated …He denies and refuse to take medication …!!! Cuz we have very manageable
Positive symptoms …!! Even doctor get confused to our symptoms …!! I have still not found any correct medication …! on seroquel felt better then Zyprexa …!!! I even know u r stable…!!!
BTW do u work …!!! Or have a decent job…!!!

My dad has schizoaffective disorder like me but he has bipolar type, I have depressive. I wish I could work but I can’t.

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My dad Has SZ effective too…!!! He is managing his life without medication …!!!i hope, ur dad support u well after all he iz ur dad…Hope he support to go see hoxpital,