D2 receptors in the cerebellum affect socialization in mice

# Researchers describe how the cerebellum modulates our ability to socialize

Curious, since the D2 receptor plays an important role in schizohprenia and is targeted by antipsychotics


“We have uncovered an unexpected causal link between PCs D2R expression levels right in the center of the cerebellum, the Crus I/II lobules, and the modulation of social behaviors. Reducing the expression of this specific dopamine receptor impaired the sociability of mice as well as their preference for social novelty, while their coordination and motor functions remained unaffected,” explains Dr. Laura Cutando

This study constitutes a first step towards a better understanding of the role of dopamine in the cerebellum and the mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, ADHD and anxiety disorders, which have all in common aberrant DA signaling and altered social behaviors.

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So meds and sz make us less social.

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In mice yes!

But things I’ve noticed it’s that I quickly lose interest when playing video games. I have tried to force myself to play but can’t enjoy it like I used to. It could be old age or the ap’s I don’t know.


It is very interesting how a structure previously believed to be only involved in the control of movements (cerebellum) turned out to be involved in all kinds of other activities.

Pfft. I had socialization problems at age eight.

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If you start poking around surgically with my brain, it would probably affect my socialization as well.