D-serine with L-serine better than sarcosine for reducing symptoms?

As must who have looked into d-serine probably already know, d-serine has alot of uses ranging from cognitive enhancement to treating depression and schizophrenia. In the studies using 30mg/KG in conjunction with antipsychotics sometimes produced useful effects for patients with schizophrenia, however when used at 60mg+/KG it consistently produced improvements in symptoms. The issue of course is d-serine has a side effect of causing nephrotoxicity, however recent studies(https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-11049-8) seem to indicate this side effect results from declining l-serine levels, in response to increasing d-serine levels. In the study linked, administration of l-serine was able to make redundant the kidney related side effects of d-serine. For those interesting in playing with the NMDA receptors for schizophrenia, depression…etc sarcosine is usually touted as being the superior option, however if d-serine is combined with l-serine perhaps this option might be better? Especially considering the increased risk of prostate cancer sarcosine has been associated with(though still under dispute but other studies). If d-serine it’s taking at 60mg/KG it consistently produces improvement in symptoms just like sarcosine does. Sarcosine’s effects do ultimately stem from increased d-serine levels in the brain, so maybe for those experiencing side effects from sarcosine or just not responsive to it, could benefit from a d-serine/l-serine combo? I have been taking sarcosine to tackle my schizoaffective disorder with good results, however for some unfortunate reason it has caused me terrible gut issues(horrible constipation and weakened pelvic floor muscles/inability to hold in gas, most of which comes out within minutes of eating anything) - taking zinc/copper supplements helps with side effects sarcosine causes me, but not completely. I may try higher doses of zinc/copper in future but in mean time will start experimenting with d-serine first to see if that works, then add l-serine to the mix so my kidney’s don’t call it quits.

Incase anyone is wondering doses of sarcosine i have taken have been relatively small, at 500mg/day alone(empty stomach)it helps dramatically with negative symptoms. Music sounds great again, desire to socialize, have more energy, mood much more stable, it’s great. The only other supplements that have ever helped with my symptoms is zinc and copper, have tried all the other stuff that was suppose to help.

Off-topic but interestingly, sarcosine is known to be a biomarker of prostate cancer, and people with schizophrenia have less likelihood of getting prostate cancer:

Perhaps this could be due to anti-psychotic use as articles suggest or changes in lifestyle they make, still found it to be an interesting link. I believe high doses of zinc supplementation have been associated with prostate cancer, but truth be told i don’t remember the dose. The articles i have found only studied dietary intake and found no correlation, but with supplemental intake i believe correlations were found. I add this because zinc, an essential mineral can improve a wide range of conditions, including schizophrenia/depression/other mental illnesses. I find it interesting both sarcosine and zinc that can improve mental illness are also correlated with prostate cancer.


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