D-Serine Arrived

My D-serine arrived. I took my profrontal for about 4 days and didnt notice the usual dissapearence of symptoms. It will usually work for about a week after not taking it for a while. Maybe i didnt wait long enough. I will now try taking the d-serine then the profrontal and so on. Will keep you guys updated.

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Don’t take the D-serine and the Profrontal at the same time - I’ve talked to researchers and if you stimulate the NDMA receptors of the brain too much you can burn them up and it actually can kill your brain cells (I believe). We’ll be interviewing the researcher in more depth in the future about these and other related issues to treatments targeting the NDMA receptor.


is 24 hours long enough to wait after taking the profrontal to take the d-serine?

I’m guessing that profrontal already contains D-serine so you may be taking too much if you use both products.

Basically my understanding is that both d-serine and sarcosine (n-methyl glycine) target the same NMDA receptors in the brain. So - basically they are basically like taking the same thing twice. If you alternate them on different days - the recommended dosage for Sarcosine in the research is 2 grams/day, I’m not sure what the dose is for D-serine - I think you would be fine.

I’ll try to dig up my email conversation with the researcher and if I find it I’ll post it. We’ll be doing a more in-depth interview with researchers in this area in the future. Add your questions here and I’ll try to get them answered in the next month or two.

No - Profrontal is two bottles - one of sarcosine and one of N-Acetyl Cysteine.

On the D-serine - I noted that here on Schizophrenia.com we noted in an earlier report on the NMDA receptor that " D-serine has been reported to cause renal tubular necrosis in rodents; thus, it is still under toxicology investigation by the FDA"

I haven not checked into the current status (we did the report about 5 years ago). I hope you have.


Itook the d serine and noticed no effect. Started the profrontal again. Also started drinking caffiene. I noticed about a 65 percent decrease in symptoms compared2 the 100 percent decrease with past profrontal usage. Not sure which was helping me but the symptoms are managable 4 now.

I just noticed i was taking only the morning dose of profrontal. Started taking three pills each for the whole day.

Hi SzAdmin
Do large doses of B3 effect NDMA receptors at all?

No - there is no evidence I can find that Vitamin B3 has any positive impact on NMDA receptors by itself. The only thing I’ve found is that it might have a protective effect if you get too much sarcosine or D-serine which can lead to excitotoxicity. Here is the study:

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Hey man,good luck,but from my experience,only real,strong legit medication can help in long term,just my 2 cent,but no harm trying as long as it’s not harmful

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Thanks for the warning. I only took the d-serine twice. Sticking with the profrontal seems to work ok.

However, simply dosing the brain with D-serine or glycine has dangerous side effects. To treat schizophrenia from this angle, some finesse is needed.


I wonder what the dangerous side effects are. Is this something that should be done under medical supervision?