D i e t • d e t o x • r e h a b

I have 20 days to get down to 120 pounds. I’m waist training and dieting and detoxing from alcohol.

It’s going great. When I come back from Punta Cana I will quit smoking too, once and for all. Then I can decrease coffee little bit.

Cheers to health!

I had 2 bananas and 2 eggs, a pear today. For dinner, I will eat a salad, then work out for 2 hours.


That seems like not much food per day, especially if you are exercising for two hours on top of it.


yeah I’m a krazy chik, what did you expect? I will eat a whole lot fruit tomorrow. it’s just for 15 days though. I’m gonna go on the beach, have to look my best. at least I’m not starving myself.

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I wish you luck…

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Good luck. You will look like a supermodel in the end. :slight_smile:

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