D&D miniatures

We started a new family D&D campaign. Mr. Star is our DM. Starlet’s character is Bawbe, a half-elf barbarian who loves starting fights with everyone he meets and usually wins. My character is Athena, a half-orc rogue who has a love for academics. We are half siblings on our human side. Prior to the game, he was a bodyguard and I was a scholar and painter. Then our hometown was suddenly attacked by monsters and we had to flee. The monsters invaded many towns across the world, so now the few remaining towns are overrun with refugees. The economy is tanking, people are desperate for jobs, and anti-refugee sentiment is strong in town. We are just trying to rebuild our lives after losing everything, but are starting to discover a bit of a mystery that could be putting the entire world in danger!

I am super proud of how this picture turned out, honestly.


Looking good. Hope you have fun. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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I still have mine from junior high in a box downstairs. Need to give them to my kid as she’s playing it now.

I miss the old D&D…I have the fifth edition but too hard to get everyone together these days. Enjoy reading the books regardless though. Lots of fun.

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