Cymbalta sexual side effects

I’ve been on cymbalta two months. Now on 60mg. Problem is I can’t achieve an orgasm. Does this go away with time or am I out of luck?

I take 60 mg Cymbalta, as well. I’ve never had that problem from it, but I did have that problem with Lexapro. I asked my psychiatrist to try something else, and she was okay with it; I couldn’t take it anymore.

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For me, you’re just out of luck. I was on it for 7 years (with abilify as the AP) and wasn’t able to orgasm the whole time. Now I’m back on it with a different AP (perphenazine and haldol) and it’s the same story.

Sorry for your experience. I guess I could get off of it. It doesn’t help anyway. I have TRD.

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I’m on cymbalta and geodon, I can achieve orgasm but I cant get an erection. I think it’s the AP for me.

pdocs usually add bupropion to ssri/snri induced sexual dysfunction