Cycling is great

I went to ride my bicycle early in the morning. It was sunny and a beautiful day for riding a bicycle. I saw some people whom I know. I also wished my mother Happy Mother’s Day. I rode at least 15 kilometers in this morning and it felt good.


I agree. I think cycling is great. I cycle 75km a day, or 27,000 km or 17,010 miles a year because I am an alcoholic so I need to do a lot of exercise. I would not cycle nearly so much if I were not an alcoholic but I kinda enjoy all the mileage. I pray and chant as I do it.

75 km a day is a lot. I cycled today 22 km. It is a great way to get fresh air, get exercising, see people and do things that have to be done. I gained weight during the winter because I did not exercise so much and I try to lose this extra weight. I cycle only 3500 km a year. While I cycle I often sit on the park benches and watch people and traffic.

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Good on you! I walked 1h40 min today with my sister and had an icecream afterwards. Really enjoyed my time.

I enjoy being outside when it is summer. Walking is also good exercising. I used to walk every morning a couple of years ago, but now I am just riding my bicycle.

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