Cycle of Life

The time has passed - nearly 30 years,
but the life goes on,
remembering the past,
nostalgy - one could say,
or deja vu of the old times,
when we were young
and visited many places
while gaining new experiences,
why? for the life we supposed,
now after 30 years
where has it all gone,
nowhere - just have become older,
but not wiser
and the life goes on
for the next 30 years,
going in cycles - the cycle of the life,
gaining more new experiences again,
seeing the future as it comes,
living in the life.

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Naaaaaaants ingonyamaaaaa

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i wonder if its as dramatic for people who havent experienced basically anything in life. Imagine some guy spending 30 years in jail without friends and then getting released. Would he have nostalgia?

I worked with a guy who was released after twenty years in prison…he definitely lived by a different set of rules…he didn’t last long in the “free” world.