Cyber world Vs IRL

Is the a big difference

In your opinion?

Idk! I never tried it, you wanna cyber?

just saying if you are different online or IRL?

If you are talking about this forum, it’s just another way of communication. It’s not much different than texting someone in real life.

Of course there are differences between texting, emailing, communication on the forum, speaking to someone in person, talking over the phone, etc…

They are all different forms of communication. I wouldn’t call one any less valid than another though. The biggest difference here is that we all have a level of anonymity that we might otherwise not have via other communication methods.

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I speck my mind more online

without any pause

I guess online I am more forward

which benefits me

it is also social too

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Oh I thought you meant something else. Or I pretended I thought you meant something else. But it’s weird and not so simple as online/offline; there are levels of engagement.

I’ve been on zoom calls at work and my camera is broken. When i met the people irl, I felt like I knew them, but they didn’t know me. I think if you can hear their voice and see their faces then online interaction is nearly as strong as irl. You’re still missing out on touch, smell, and some body language though.

Maybe if we combo VR tech with smellivision we can socialise from our caves heheh.

lets face it talking online is different than in IRL

but I don’t mind

The picture you have of me online might be different IRL

that is ok

Yeah, seeing your photo and reading your words, I feel like I know who you are, but if I met you in person I’m sure you would be different. Still I think that we would get along. You seem nice.

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Just spreading good will and good vibes

My aim is to lift us all here

Now lets celebrate

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