CVL-231: A Potential New Treatment For Psychosis


@Opus what about negative and cognitive symptoms…

There is a difference between to treatment procedures
1- Treatment the symptoms without a definite knowledge of the identity of the final cause responsible for creating an imbalance in the mental chemistry.
The way to restore chemical equilibrium without affecting the pathogen or inhibiting its functional characteristics that create the imbalance state periodically

2-The medication attack the final cause in its own right,or direct inhibition for its functional activities

How to cultivate a virus in the defective gene (which producing the sz or its symptoms),it aims to change the anatomical structure of the gene ,or interact with operating copy of the gene (R.N.A) to neutralize its functions ?
-no one knows the defective gene-mainly ~

CVL-231 is a positive allosteric modulator (PAM) designed to selectively target the M4 muscarinic receptor. M4 muscarinic receptors have been shown to influence the levels of acetylcholine and dopamine, key neurotransmitters in the brain that are known to be dysregulated in diseases like schizophrenia.

Phase 1B

Is it similar to KarXT? KarXT also acts on muscarinic M4 receptors.

I don’t know how similar - it appears both are meant to balance acetylcholine and dopamine in the striatum, but without acting directly on dopamine.

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The main problem in treatment the symptoms of sz as a result of genetic disease (disorder),is the absence of knowledge with the cause of existence (defective gene),the functional cause ( the disease substance,the abnormal chemical substance which be released by the defective gene ) ,and the disordered chemical mechanism which producing the symptoms

This is means that in the actual world,there is no real treatment for the cause of existence ,the functional cause And the actual mechanisms which creating the symptoms ,this is true regardless all kinds of improvement /reduction in the intensity of the symptom or the abnormality in behavior output

The story
Taking the symptoms of sz as a practical model to test the credibility of the chemical theories and its methods to correct or modify the abnormal chemistry , despite the absence of causal relationship between these theories /medication and the mental,emotional and behavioral symptoms of sz

People will be happy even if they invent a treatment procedure of Type 1. For them, no symptoms = no disease.

we agree with what you said "no symptoms=no disease "

But,in the realistic world ;
1-No pathogen=no disease
2-No disease=no symptoms
3- No symptoms= no treatment

According to current treatments rituals,in the case if the symptoms are treated as the result of a defective gene producing abnormal chemical substance;
The type of medication,the concentration of doses and the period time of drug use , all of them fail completely eliminate the Existential symptoms that be felt independently by the person or / the symptoms that be diagnosed by Dr,for any temporary period of time (hour,8 hours ,12 hours,day,week,month …etc )

The biological health condition is restored to some normal degree,a significant effect arise on the congested emotion making it less prone to agitation
But,the existential symptoms of the pathogen (hallucinations) and what they cause from the symptoms of disorder in the thinking process or the behavioral responses outputs continue to function and nothing interferes with or inhibits their destructive activity,SO the complaint remains

The current medical intervention save the biological life by inhibiting the emotion theater,but is unable to inhibit the ability of the pathogen (hallucinations) to producing the phonetic transmitters ( the audible vocal thoughts / heard voices )