Cutting off medication

Well before some months I made a desicion. To cut all my meditation. All a had in the first place was a psychotic episode. I took Risperdal thought 8mg akineton 2mg and cipralex 20mg. It was too much for me. So i desided that I will stop all the drugs. Now the only thing I take is 4mg of risperdal. I keep reducing the dose 10% every 10 days or 2 weeks and although the withdrawal symptoms are many at the beginning after 2 weeks I feel better. The truth is that it isn’t is easy at all. It is so hard to cut them but with the support of my therapist and with this forum It somehow gets a little less hard. I have tryied many times at the past and never been able to cut them under 3.5 cause I used to relapsed. I hope this time this won’t happen again.

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Meds can be very addictive. It’s difficult to come off them. I gave up on it and take my regular dose. Meds are a disease itself.

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oh you are bothering me…ofcourse you are going to relapse, you are schizophrenic and need your meds. @anon35741089

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I would take your meds @anon35741089.

You probably shouldn’t go under 3.5 mg then.

I relapsed… so hard that I almost died. My heart stop beating and I was so scared because i had so many hallunications more than any other time. Now I take 7.5 mg risperdal and seropram. I lost my mind… why did this happend? I must take my whole life meds?

If you had multiple episodes then yes you will most probably need meds for life.