Cuties netflix debaucle

Where do you stand in the netflix film cuties? To me it’s just encouraging pedophilia, it’s sad that it’s such a persistent problem in today’s world and it gets it’s own movie. Just my opinion, what does everyone think?

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I don’t approve of doing the very thing you’re trying to make a point against to showcase how bad doing that very thing is. They could have easily used young-looking 18+ actresses, even if only for the more questionable scenes, but nooooo, actual 11-year-olds all the way. :roll_eyes:

Muddles up any message it’s ostensibly trying to get across, if you ask me.



I haven’t even heard of this movie until now.

Sounds disturbing.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the people writing and casting the movie, or the corrupt parents. For those who don’t know netflix made a french movie called cuties that has twerking overly sexualized children in an attempt to spread awareness of sexualization of children.

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Really disturbing dragging down of the Overton window.

I’ve actually seen the argument floating around that only the child actresses themselves can truly determine if they were exploited in the making of this film or not, but uhhhh, they’re children. They’re not equipped to understand the nuances of just what it is they’ve been thrown into.


I haven’t actually seen Cuties myself but I’ve thoroughly researched the plot and while I’ll concede that it contains a message worth getting out there, I’m firmly against using actual children to do it.

I haven’t seen Cuties, but everyone I’ve seen on youtube was shocked by it.

Have not seen it … probably won’t

Just in my little world if you go to the DMV there are posters everywhere showing how to spot the signs of child sex trafficking, a major hotel in my town got busted multiple times for child sex trafficking. And throw in jared subway guy and epstein it’s a big problem. It just bugs me that they’re so out of touch with the world we live in, how many more pedos will form after seeing a major movie on a major streaming platform, showing it as a good thing, the opposite of the “Intent” of the film. Sorry I can deal with wars and coronaviruses and famines and poverty, but messing with children angers me.


It actually involves bare breasts, literal child porn.

This is how morals erode.

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Muslim girls are allowed to get married at age 12.

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