Cut out all stims today

600 mg Caffeine
600 mg modafinil

I took a nap in the morning and another in the afternoon. Besides having a cold I feel much more relaxed :slight_smile:

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Did you talk to your doctor before adjusting modafinal on your own?

He’s having emergency surgery, I was supposed to have a spot with him today

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Is here an on-call nurse you spoke to? Modafinal is a pretty serious one to mess with on your own. I get why you want to, since you’re manic, but please tell someone with a medical degree. And anticipate withdrawal

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There’s no system with nurses here like that, so no. But I’ve stopped it before usually for 5 days at a time to reset it. I’m familiar with the “withdrawal” which is basically falling asleep during the day

This whole thing has me worried. Who is seeing his patients while he is out?

He just postponed all his appts. Mine is in 2 weeks

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Just my luck 1515

Well good luck man. Remember the ER is around if you need it.

Psych ward in a country where I don’t speak the language is a serious fear

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I’m sure they have English speakers on staff.

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