Current meds

What are your current medicines? And dose.

Risperdal consta 25 mg
Zyprexa 10-15 mg
Zopiclone 1-2 pills
Cvitamin sometimes

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Abilify 15mg
L-theanine 750mg spread over a day
Broccoli sprout extract

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I’m thinking of restarting. Not because I lose track of reality. But because reality is rather harsh to deal with, without the numbing of meds.


Perphenazine. 16mg
Effexor 75mg
Benztropine 2mg

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Inega Trinza - not sure the dosage. Max dosage
Citalopram - 20 mg
Buspar 30mg
Vistaril 25mg

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Only risperidone 3mg.

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I know what you mean. I didn’t quit drugs, but I went from olanzapine to latuda for a short while. I got much more in touch with reality on Latuda. I felt a lot better on it in the daytime, but then every evening I would get seriously depressed. I would have stayed on it though if it wasn’t for the insomnia problems coming off olanzapine.

Don’t start taking AP’s if you feel life is hard though. At least it would be better to get something else. Like valium or something.

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That’s too bad, that it didn’t work for you. I heard Latuda is quite a good med for some.

I’m just in a hard situation, but maybe that’s not a good reason to be on an AP indeed :slight_smile: . I’m a bit scared of valium though…it’s so addictive. Maybe I’ll get some chamomille…it’s addictive too, but milder.

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Yeah, I guess herbs is a good alternative too, at least if you are off meds. On olanzapine the calming effect of herbs doesen’t really register on me. Olanzapine is too dominant it seems.

I have a plan to try Latuda again, but I’ll have to get something on the side to replace the sleep action of olanzapine. I’m seeing my doc in 3 weeks.

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Yeah I guess latuda from what I heard is a lot less sedating. Olanzapine made me sleep and eat loads and loads. :slight_smile:

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Olanzapine used to make me sleep, but then after a few years it didn’t work so good on sleep anymore. Instead I’ve been struggling with insomnia for a long time. That’s one of the reasons I want off it. Eating is a issue, yes. I manage to have a stable weight now doing 6,25mg. On 10mg it used to be very difficult to control eating.

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@Bowens made a similar thread earlier


Dont know it.
Wanted to read What meds people are on.

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80 mg latuda

Half a imovane at night sometimes a whole one.
I need my imovane as I have insomnia.
Benzos make me anxious and don’t work but imovane is the best.
My dr was reluctant to prescribing more for me and thinks i should see a psychiatrist but I can’t afford a psychiatrist and i don’t need one as I’m stable enough.

I’m f u cked if I don’t get my imovane.
Then I don’t get sleep and that makes a schizophrenic psychotic.

God help me get my imovane.
Half a tablet isn’t some huge dose anyway.

Seeing dr tomorrow.

If she says no I might go to different Gp and if they all say no I will have to save up for a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist have never said no to prescribing me imovane to sleep.



Psych Meds

Risperdal 4mg
Depakote 1000mg

Klonopin 0.25mg - 0.5mg
Lamictal 25mg

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Buspar 30mg
Wellbutrin 150mg
Gabapentin 600mg
Clonazepam 1mg
Seroquel 100mg
Loxapine 50mg

Propranolol 20mg


Buspar 30mg
Propranolol 20mg x2
Clonazepam 1mg


Gabapentin 1200mg
Seroquel 200mg
Loxapine 50mg


Clonazepam 4mg
Gabapentin 900mg
Cogentin 1mg

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Morning -
Amisulpride 300mg
Haloperidol 1,5mg
Citalopram 40mg

Night -
Amisulpride 200mg
Haloperidol 2,5mg
Lamotrigine 200mg
Mirtazapine 15mg

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Just 40mg Latuda right now.

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I take:

  • Clozapine 300 mg nocte (Schizophrenia)
  • Ziprasidone 80 mg twice daily (Schizophrenia)
  • Venlafaxine 225 mg mane (Major Depression)
  • Lithium 250 mg twice daily (Major Depression/mood stabiliser)
  • Diazepam 5 - 10 mg PRN
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