Current day music favorites?

Anyone else listen to modern day top 40 type music in here? Interested to hear your favs. I like calvin harris, miley cyrus, kitty purry, avicii, little mix, macklemore, selena gomez and demi lovato.

I used to hate modern music but now I am hooked. There can be good current music. Last year was one of the best years ever in modern music. This year so far has been slow.

A current VH1 top 20. Pretty cool song.

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I like Lady Gaga and Pink. I guess Pink isn’t so modern now.

Say Something- Christina Aguilera


Good song. I like Christina Aguilera too.

I can’t stand pop music. MOST music coming out these days is trash.

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thats an beautiful song, while tragic.

i like this

and for some reason i still like this song, yet a bit dated :slight_smile:

Most of the big bands release their albums before christmas and in the late spring before they start their summer tours. Sometimes I like pop music. I got a lot of respect for all the hits Taylor swift has written even though I don’t listen to her.

Coldplay is pretty cool for me. and the new song by Lykke Li - I follow Rivers

I like older rock music - 60’s 70’s 80’s-90’s The Cult and Grunge Music but out of the new stuff I like the song Radioactive for some reason - Imagine Dragons

I don’t usually like much of the current music. There might be one or two songs that I really like and add to my collection within an entire year. My music tastes lean more toward R&B but I like some Pop/Rock songs.