Curiosity killed the cat

I was just on a big mountain bike trip for the last few days had an awesome time. visited my brother.

When I got back my gf was talking about cbd oil. So when I was headed back home I randomly had an Idea to get some thc drops, totally impulsive idea I hadnt tried drops since like 2012.

Sooo I went to the store and bought some, Id never actually been in any of the dispensary stores (marijuana is legal here).

The bottle didnt really have any recommendation on how much to take. So I just took around 1ml.
I was hoping Id have just a decent buzz like similar to have a beer. lol

oh boy I was wrong. I ended up in the moon. couldn’t even figure out how my computer worked anymore, I was gone in space, kept it under control but i’d say i was having thc psychosis, kept hearing people talking outside my door and nobody was there everytime I looked. I couldn’t even remember what room I was in, or if my room was even real. It was a good 12 hours of thc psychosis.

Thankfully I have very good coping skills from when I’ve had psychotic episodes that were not related to drugs or anything just my mental health condition. So I didn’t panic.

I’m fine now. but man I honestly just worry about younger people taking stuff like this and getting psychosis and having seriously bad things happen to them.

I think without proper labels or suggestions from the sellers its worse than alcohol sales.

Yes I know it was stupid. Lesson learned!!!

honestly i almost never drink or anything so it was just a one off impulsive experience.


Never take THC, even if you’re not schizophrenic. It causes psychosis, as you learned the hard way.

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Yeah I know that too I just made a stupid choice

The last time I smoked dispensary weed besides feeling mentally unstable I had body shakes and spins like from alky. I cannot handle thc with sz, but cbd helps some people. What kinda mountain bike you got?

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yeah its my best interest to stay away from all rec drugs/alcohol. they all just mess me up.

I have a 2016 norco range carbon. ive customized it a bit, 200mm brake rotors, 180mm front fork, and replaced all the many parts that break lol.

Im into the big mountain and dh riding. I’ll pedal and climb up for a good descent but not for the sake of just climbing lol.


I wouldn’t beat yourself up over your decision. :slight_smile:

Thc doesn’t really have any long term effects like harder drugs.

But a bad trip is never fun.

At least you know now that it’s not for you.

I also stay away from herb and alcohol. If I didn’t vape I would pretty much be straight edge.

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Yeah its just one of those things that doesn’t work for people with psychotic disorders

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Yeah, a lot of schizophrenics don’t respond well to it.

I have my own weird theories about thc.

But those theories are filed under unusual beliefs. :wink:

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