Curiosity about Dreams

I would love to hear about your dreams… The good and bad and the silly. Also have you ever woke up from a dream by laughing? I love when that happens!!

One dream I had was about Buggs Bunny. He was an alcholic and went to rehab… So random!


I have a dream update thread you can go look at those! :slight_smile:

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Just dreams about my childhood years for now.

I have a question though, does your SZ medication make you dream more or less?

For me more, I think. Not really evidence based.

@MindJam I’m not sure either because my sz started 10 years ago when I was only 18. I don’t remember those dreams. i know some meds give u nightmares!

my dreams are usually pretty serious, i get the odd nice dream about my dad and they mean something to me,