"Cure For Schizophrenia"

Introducing Salvativa Forevera a 40 year injection of the schizophrenia drug Salvativa (I didn’t check but I don’t believe such a drug name exists so I won’t mislead you into thinking this is real). Never go to the pharmacy again. Side effects include gaining 100’s of pounds of weight over the time period, drowsiness, constipation, and dry mouth. If you die before the medicine runs out we’ll put the remaining amount in someone else.


Injections aren’t for me

Dont you just hate creepy commercials where they say " side effects could lead to death ".


Once saw one advertisement on YouTube regarding Seroquel. Towards the end of the endless side effects, it said. And may lead to death!! Oh my gosh ! I’m going to die. I really did believe this.
What an awful advertisement

Nesta xx


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